Aging is a word that frightens many people. That is why most fantasy stories have at least one character who dreams of immortality, a witch or a wizard who is trying to get the philosopher's stone. In real life, people cannot prevent aging of organism, but long-term saving of youth can become true. Increased public attention to this topic is quite natural: who does not want to stay in the prime of life for as long as possible?

Scientists got so much carried away by the search for such an opportunity that they laid the foundation for a new branch of medical science. The anti-aging medicine is intended to identify the individual causes of human aging and develop means to fight against them. An important component of these products is amino acids.

Hormonal changes

Age has a significant impact on all systems of organism, including the hormonal one. Throughout the human life, the decrease of the level of sex hormones can be observed. This concerns:

  • estrogen;

  • testosterone;

  • dehydroepiandrosterone (or dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate);

  • growth hormone (somatopause).

As a rule, the decrease of the latter becomes the main cause of progress of aging processes.

Growth hormone is formed in hypophysis and it is regulated by both the releasing growth factor and the somatostatin produced by the hypothalamus. Throughout human life, it participates in the process of tissue growth, breakdown of fats, stimulation of protein synthesis, cell division and increase of intake of amino acid by muscle tissue.


Anti-aging medicine is intended to fight against aging through stimulation of growth hormone by amino acids. In particular, glutamine copes with the task best of all. Only two grams of this substance can increase the concentration of growth hormone by four times (for people aged from 32 to 64 years).

Studies showed that one gram is most likely not enough for any effect. The same applies to excessively large dosages that accelerate process of glutamine breakdown in liver.

Arginine and Lysine

Arginine is also an amino acid that is conductive to an increase of growth hormone. A double-blind placebo-controlled study that was carried out among postmenopausal women showed that the concentration of this substance can be increased through intake of 9 grams per day during a month.

Another study produced the following results: the combination of arginine with lysine results in an enhanced effect and increases the content of growth hormone in the blood plasma by several times. Male participants aged from 15 to 20 years were selected during the study. They took 1200 mg of both amino acids.

The third study showed that administration of 17 g of arginine into body of a healthy elderly person within two weeks can significantly increase insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1).


The synthesis of protein of connective tissue is carried out due to glycine. The need for this substance significantly increases during the anabolic phase, and therefore, protein starts to break down with its insufficient amount.

The sufficient amount of glycine facilitates the process of extracting information from brain's memory and increases attentiveness. We all know that with age a person begins to complain about constant distraction and forgetfulness. The study showed that daily intake of a small dosage of this amino acid (100 mg) is able to improve the situation.

Participation of amino acids in aging process

Aging of organism affects all its systems, including the state of proteins that consists of amino acids. As a result, substances can be improperly formed or be poorly absorbed by the cells, be released in insufficient amounts or be completely absent.

With age, spontaneous changes in the form of deamination are observed in the structure of amino acids in protein systems, which is fraught with the loss of their residues. Also, such transformations of the organism lead to cessation of formation of new proteins that make up the organism.

New albuminous compounds have only one form that is similar to letter L. An elderly person can hardly have a substance of this type. His proteins will be mostly D-like. Their presence has certain consequences: it affects not only the functions of our body, but also its appearance. D-like proteins are directly related to so-called age-related diseases.

Surprisingly, the value of amino acids in the process of aging of organism has been underestimated for a long time, but today this knowledge is also used in forensic medicine. The availability of data and performance of calculations help to determine the age of victim when identifying the body.

Glutamine takes a special place in the interconnection of amino acids and aging. In the process of natural changes, it can transform to glutathione and start to destroy amino acids in organism. Therefore, it is very important to keep its sufficient amount in the organism with age.

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