Biologically active supplement "XR47PLUS" effectively fights against natural human aging due to its unique composition. It combines everything that is required for stimulation of growth hormone in the blood plasma.
On this page, we will review in detail all the components of the product and their benefits and find out the opinion of Dr. Thomas Spühler about its effects and benefits.


The human body consists of a large number of proteins, which significantly decreases with age.  The same applies to the level of formation of hormones that leads to deterioration of performance of various functions by the organism.

Glutamine is one of the most important elements of protein system. It is independently produced by muscle cells. With age, people begin to lose about 3 kg of muscle mass containing this substance each decade.

Glutamine ensures supply of sugar in the blood, helps to perform various functions of organism and it is the main component of collagen. Basically, it plays the role of a "biological warrior" who fights against harmful bacteria and continuously neutralizes them. Reduced glutathione can transfer electrons to active forms of oxygen, thus carrying out a deactivation process. Formation of cysteine is also carried out here.

As a rule, glutathione appears in healthy cells and it is completely absent in cancer cells due to its predominantly acidic environment. In addition to the above functions, it is the main source of enrichment of intestinal cells. Their strengthening and prevention of leaky gut effect (transfer of bacteria contained there to the rest of the organism, abdominal pain, inflammation and allergic reactions) completely depends on the presence of glutathione.

Due to several studies and a special meta-analysis, it was proved that the use of a supplement with low content of glutamine may reduce a number of damages to mucous membrane and prevent its occurrence.


The name of this substance comes from the Greek word "glyco" that can be translated as "sweet." Glycine is the smallest amino acid and it is included in the category of the earliest protein components. Its miniature dimensions help to incorporate into the protein under limited conditions and to influence its secondary structure.

More than 30% of human organism is related to glycine. It helps to implement many important functions of muscle and connective tissue and also plays an important role in the transformation of the triple helix (collagen triple helix structure).

Also, the glycine activity is very important for the nervous system. It has a calming and stimulating effect, helps to normalize brain activity.


The name "arginine" is derived from the Greek word "argentum" that we know from school Chemistry lessons and it is translated as "silver." Initially, this substance was generated in the form of silver salt, so it fully justifies its name.

Arginine refers to the so-called "semi-essential" amino acids, i.e. not fully produced by organism. Its amount should be replenished with oral supplements. Arginine includes the largest amount of nitrogen in comparison with other amino acids involved in the formation of proteins, and, therefore, this substance plays an important role in the formation of:

  • muscles;
  • tissue;
  • organs.

Like glutamine, it is important for collagen as its main component that strengthens connective tissue. Both amino acids interact perfectly with each other.

In addition, nitrogen monoxide that is necessary for normal blood circulation and heart activity is produced by arginine. This substance is gas that consists of two atoms and helps to expand arteries to improve blood flow.

Another proof of its importance is near-death records of Alfred Nobel. The scientist mentioned that all his life he studied chemical nitrogen compounds that were prescribed to him by doctors. The latest research, meta-analyses and tests prove activating effect of L-arginine on a healthy person and the ones who suffer from:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • endothelial dysfunction;
  • high blood pressure.

Doctors recommend to take arginine with food in order to prevent metabolic disorder that is the cause of cardiovascular diseases.


Another essential food amino acid is lysine. It is contained in cereals in a pure form, but its amount is not enough to cover the daily rate. Numerous tests showed that a healthy adult needs 8–45 mg of this amino acid per kilogram of body weight daily.

Since it is difficult to find the pure lysine of L-form, especially during the age-related changes in organism (the substance starts to acquire the D-form and becomes useless), it is highly advisable to add it to the product that is conductive to long-term saving of youth.

Opinion of Dr. Thomas Spühler, primary care doctor (internal medicine) about the biologically active supplement "XR47PLUS". Introduction.

Numerous studies and tests have proved that growth hormone plays a central role in metabolism of human body. Its influence covers:

  • mass to fat ratio;
  • increase of skin elasticity;
  • acceleration of hair growth;
  • aerobic and anaerobic oxygen capacity of muscle cells.

Also, growth hormone is responsible for regeneration processes in the organism. Due to its sufficient amount, the bruises, abrasions, minor wounds and scratches are healed much faster than in case of its lack. It plays the same role in maintaining emotional balance and libido.

As a rule, the human organism stops to produce growth hormone at the age from 25 to 35, so special attention should be paid to its taking in optimal amounts in order to avoid unwanted effects.

Product description

"XR47PLUS" is a product that includes L-glutamine, glycine, L-arginine and L-lysine. The unique composition allows to stimulate growth hormone and resist the natural aging of organism.

The supplement is made exclusively from natural ingredients that can be found in food. It does not cause any side effects due to correctly calculated volumes of substances and their normalized ratio.

"XR47PLUS" should be taken daily 30 minutes before meals. Always on an empty stomach.

Report on the experience gained using the "XR47PLUS"

“I have my own therapeutic practice in Zurich, Switzerland. During my activity and exclusively within its framework, I prescribed the product “XR47PLUS” for the treatment of completely different patients. The only common feature was the age - I did not give the product to people under the age of 25. I also excluded "XR47PLUS" from the list of products intended for people suffering from severe, acute diseases.

Prescribing the product was also intended for weight control. It can also be an additional mean for professional sportsmen. It can be used to maintain the desired ratio of muscle mass to fat mass. In addition, "XR47PLUS" was used to treat erectile dysfunction. No side effects were observed during the supplementation period.

Soon the patients had:

  • improvement of general well-being;
  • improved concentration;
  • restoration of stability of nervous system;
  • sleep improvement;
  • a slight increase in muscle mass;
  • improvement of skin;
  • improved erectile dysfunction.

In summary, I can confidently state that “XR47PLUS” is absolutely safe product with a wide range of uses. I recommend it to people who suffer from chronic fatigue and rapid fatigability, who take an active part in sports events and endurance training, and to people who want to get a useful mean for maintaining good condition of skin.”