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        The company "STB Unternehmungen GmbH", which is located in Switzerland, is engaged in active fight against natural aging of human organism. We produce and sell high quality products, including X47Plus product.

            XR47Plus is an optimized biologically active supplement that is prepared on the basis of amino acids and slows the aging process. Doctor of Medical Sciences Thomas Spuler, who acts as a scientific consultant, described the structure and principle of impact of the supplement as follows: “The XR47Plus contains glycine, L-glutamine, L-arginine and L-lysine compounds, so that the product is the only currently known carrier of a nano-scale molecular structure with a high membrane permeability. Its unique composition has a positive impact on human organism and slows down its aging providing optimal delivery of amino acids to a cell.”


            In production,  we cooperate with a pharmacological company that produces XR47Plus on request of "STB Unternehmungen GmbH" in special laboratories. We strictly adhere to the medical quality standards adopted in Switzerland and produce extremely effective products that can prolong the youth of an organism.

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